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Seraphim Sungrow Samsung

Seraphim Sungrow Samsung

News Flash – Solar Power & Energy Storage is about to go Viral.

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Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, and production of Solar PV products as well as provision of related services and provides customers around the world with high-quality PV products. Seraphim products range from solar cells and modules to system integration and OEM/ODM services. At present, Seraphim products have been widely applied in 30 countries, including United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, India, and China. Seraphim is dedicated to providing sustainable and clean energy for customers and making a contribution to environmental protection, seeking coexistence between mankind and nature.

Seraphim is joint ventured with Sun Grow and Samsung to provide the highest quality solar panels and the most advanced inverters from Sun Grow and Samsung’s state of the art Energy Storage Systems. The combination of these companies and their technology paves the way for massive and rapid expansion for the solar industry. Power Storage has caught up with Solar Panel Technology to lead the way in Energy Production and Storage.

Sungrow, an inverter producer, has launched a joint venture (JV) with Samsung to develop storage solutions for the energy sector. The Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co., Ltd boasts an annual capacity 2 GWh of lithium-ion energy storage systems (ESS), power conversion systems and energy management systems. Sungrow and Samsung are in close cooperation and project the storage market to be a key growth area internationally and within the US.

Sungrow’s global inverter portfolio amounts to more than 20 GW of installed inverters in the residential, commercial and industrial markets, and the firm will bring its power conversion expertise to the joint venture. Samsung SDI, for its part, will provide lithium-ion battery banks and energy management systems to projects that the JV is involved in.

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