Ideal Industries

Ideal Industries

Innovative, forward-thinking tools and products developed by Ideal Industries can transition your company into a new technological age and bring your business to the forefront of today's technology. Since 1916, Ideal has devoted themselves to development and production of the highest quality electrical components and tools. Their product quality was so superior that in 1969 they were used to construct the lunar landing module and NASA specifically requested IDEAL wire strippers to be on board as they successfully landed on the moon. Their reputation for quality and precision is well known world-wide and they have expanded their line of products and services to encompass a vast array of global industries.

Industries Including:

  • Building Management & Automation - Advanced technology enabling high-tech wireless lighting system controls, eliminating usb ports and outlets while charging mobile devices, and more to increase efficiency and enhance customer experience.
  • Electrical - Industry defining wire connectors, fish tapes, superior wire strippers, advanced electrical testers, and more
  • Alternative Energy - Designing and manufacturing a range of power solutions for telecommunications, networking, wireless, and industrial industries worldwide.
  • And More... - Including Construction, Aerospace, and HVAC applications and specialty tools.

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