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We want prospects and customers to remember us. We know it has to be simple. Our company name is 855BeGreen.com. Our phone number is 855BeGreen – (855.234.7336) and even our domain is www.855BeGreen.com. That is as simple as we could make it.

We have an easy to navigate website making it simple to find many ways to be Energy Independent and operate more efficiently while cutting your Utility Expenses. Our Onsite Power Production Systems offer our customers greatly reduced utility rates and Energy Independence. We are the Master Dealer for GRIDIRON a US Manufacturer of Power Production Systems.

Our mission is to help conserve resources for the future… today and to continuously provide customers with products and technology that enhances their business operation bringing improvement to their bottom line.

855BeGreen.com has a wide selection of Retrofit LED Lighting products as well as a LED Lights and Fixtures to replace traditional lighting. Many of our products are part of a robust Lighting Automation system. 855BeGreen.com is an excellent source for your commercial and industrial lighting needs.

At 855BeGreen.com we offer cost effective and comprehensive solutions for controlling energy costs with the most advanced systems through a network of professionals with nationwide coverage. Our LED Lighting products are Energy Star or DLC listed to qualify for any available rebates offered by Utility Companies for the greatest savings and benefits and the quickest return on investment for your customers.

855BeGreen.com sells Solar Power Production Systems as turnkey programs. Energy Saving Solutions including LED products to produce instant monthly savings and Solar Energy packages to radically reduce or eliminate your utility costs. There are tremendous tax benefits for implementing a solar project, switching to LED Lighting, HVAC upgrades or controls for both lighting and HVAC. Check with your tax professional to see what tax savings are available.

Utility Company Rebates are quite lucrative and when you consider the energy and maintenance savings, there is no reason to hesitate on making a switch to LED Lighting. We can provide a great zero down lease purchasing financing package that makes sense. Even with a zero down lease-purchase you get a great ROI and your savings can pay for switching. The savings that LED and Solar Energy offers are real and substantial. Switching to these technologies can cut your expenses to help run your business more profitably. There is no better way to improve your business financials and help the environment at the same time.

All of our Energy Saving Solutions offer so much savings and when you consider the Utility Company Rebates, Federal and State Tax Credits this makes it an incredible opportunity to reduce or eliminate your energy costs and keep your costs down as energy costs rise in the future. Check here for information about the credits for your state. We can help you qualify and secure the maximum savings potential but you should consult with a tax professional for your particular tax circumstance.

Contact us at 1-855-BeGreen or use the Contact Us button.

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