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Lighting Automation

Innovative Energy Solutions that Increase Profit and Improve Efficiency

Reduced Utility Costs With No Out of Pocket Expense

Customized Energy Solutions Including...

Power Purchase Agreements with Benefits from Day One and No Out of Pocket Expense

Turnkey Solar Solutions that Reduce Energy Costs and Boosts System Reliability

Micro Power Production Systems that Provide Backup or Primary Power 24/7

Drastically Reduced Natural and Propane Gas Rates

And Many Other Efficient, Cost-Effective Options such as Building Automation and LED Lighting

We have formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders who are the best in their fields to form an alliance of companies that together can provide cutting edge energy solutions that no one else in the industry can offer.

Our customizable solutions are unique because of the diverse and knowledgeable team that we have taken the time to build. We are willing and have the resources to take on all types of projects.

From assisting a small, locally owned business reduce their monthly energy expenses to taking a large corporation off the grid entirely, whatever your company may need, let our experience work for you.

Micro Power Production Systems are an innovative technology that combine power, heating, and cooling into a single revolutionary system. A standalone power plant that allows retail spaces, commercial buildings, offices, manufacturing plants, and even houses to gain independence from the traditional power grid and be supplied with always on, cost-efficient power source.

Not only is the system ideal for any organization, but it can also be combined with our PPAs to allow for solar panel installation or our reduced natural gas rates for additional savings.


M-Trigen System

What can a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) do for you?

A PPA provides...

  • A Turnkey Solar Energy System for your Business
  • An Opportunity to Reduce your Energy Expenses by up to 70%
  • A Profitable Venture with No Out of Pocket Cost to You
  • A Way to Ensure Reliable, Independent Energy 24/7
  • An Investment that Provides Savings from the First Day of Install


Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

LED Lighting Products & Electrical Solutions

LED Lighting is a simple and easy method of reducing monthly expenses and increasing profit. Switching to LED lighting means instant monthly savings due to longer bulb lifespans, less required maintenance, and increased employee efficiency due to higher quality lighting.

Building Automation System

Smart Building Building Automation

An advanced all-in-one solution that increases energy efficiency and reduces energy expense. The cutting-edge system is customizable with optional features such as occupancy sensors, dimming controls, daylight harvesting modules, remote management applications and security cameras.

Increase effectiveness of the system by incorporating high-quality LED lighting solutions for economically retrofitting existing fixtures or using new fixtures for up to 80% energy and maintenance savings, while using DLC listed lighting products to qualify for available Power Company Rebates.

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